Starting issue impala

Hi I’m having issue with my car not starting. It happens only now and then, about once a week or less. If I wait 20-30 minutes it usually starts.

When it doesn’t start, there’s no clicking, no turn over, the starter isn’t doing anything.

I installed a new starter as I suspected the solenoid was shot. The battery is fine and the battery posts are brand new (screw in type).

At this point I am stumped. The only thing I figure is maybe the ignition switch? Does anybody have any ideas?, I’m just a quarter ass mechanic, if even lol.

The next time it doesn’t start, shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.


thanks I will definitely try that out!

When you start the car, is it in gear? Try putting the car on the handbrake and taking transmission into neutral.

Not sure what you mean by in gear, like a manual transmission? Mine is an automatic. I will try putting it in neutral when it doesn’t start again.

Are you just jumping around posting and not reading . That advice was already posted.

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Are you saying that my -exact- problem was already posted?

No, he was not replying to you.

His comment was at @EjessicaW who is making random posts that don’t make much sense.

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Oh ok I was a bit baffled, my bad.

Does anybody have any other ideas what the problem could be?