F-150 won't start

Can anybody help me figure out what the next move should be?

I parked my '02 F-150 6 cyl. in Nov. due to high gas prices - in favor of my little Nissan truck. In Dec. we had a cold snap in the 20s and I tried to start it for the first time since Nov. Too late. The battery was dead. Charged the battery and it would turn over but not fire. I’m getting a spark from the one spark plug wire I checked. Sprayed a little Quick Start into the breather and it fired for a couple seconds. Seems I’m not getting fuel. I do hear a whirring that I’m guessing is the fuel pump and it doesn’t match prior experience with clogged fuel filters. Clogged injectors maybe?

Check for fuel pressure at the injector rail.
No pressure? Remove filter and cycle key, does gas come out? If so, try new filter.
If not - Is there gasoline in the tank? (more than a few quarts?)

The fuel probably drained back into the gas tank after sitting that long.

Turn the ignition switch to the run position so that the dash lights come on for two seconds and then turn the ignition off. Repeat this a dozen times and then try starting the engine.


look at dashboard…

Turn key to RUN position.

Is the theft light flashing fast, flashing slow, flashing then going out, or on SOLID ?

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Normally, if PATS is the problem, the starter won’t even engage, and the ignition system would be off.

Granted, a 6-cyl is different than a 5.4L, but my wife’s 2000 Ford truck didn’t start one morning. I could get it started but have to have lots of RPMs to keep it going but wouldn’t idle. I called the dealer and by chance or luck, called the right guy. I explained the problem. He told me to replace the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC). I did and the truck fired right up.
My Haynes manual shows the IAC on the back of the intake. As far as on a 6-cyl, I cannot see in the book where it shows an IAC for 6 cyl.
I hope this gets you somewhere.
Even if some injectors where clogged, you should still get fuel but with poor running conditions or erratic idling.

Can you get it started only with higher RPMs? A problematic IAC may be a long shot but that’s been my experience.

Any CHECK ENGINE lights?

How long has the truck sat? 30 days according to your email? Fuel shouldn’t go bad that quickly. It took me a year to rebuild my '92 Mustang GT and she fired right off.

Give us some more details please.