Ford F150 Fuel Issue?

I have a 2001 Ford F150 Lariat. It has the 5.4L Triton motor. I was having starting problems as such the truck would crank and not start or crank, start and barely idle and stall within 5 seconds. It was NOT tripping any lights. I was told it was a possible fuel issue. I have since changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, as well as the hoses in the rear connected to the tank. Truck started, ran great, even seemed to have more power. Ran great for about a week. I was on my way out yesterday about 2 miles from home when the truck just stalled out on me. It is now having the same issues it was having before I changed the pump, filter, etc. Any ideas on what the issue may be? Clogged line? Fuel injector? If it is an injector how can I tell which one?
Any info is greatly appreciated.
Big B

No single injector is going to do this.
Even though the light isn’t on, you might still have stored codes and should check.
Has any diagnosis been done, such as testing the fuel line pressure? Or putting the ignition system on an analyzer? Perhaps you have a failing crank position sensor or something that’d show up on a scope.
How did the screen look on the old pump? Was it clogged up or clean? If it was clogged, perhaps a check of the new screen is in order. Perhaps you have gump in the tank.

Since replacing the pump and filters, have you hooked up a fuel pressure gauge?

Have you hooked up a scanner or code reader to check for stored fault codes?

Generally speaking, 1 bad injector would not cause your engine to not start and/or stall out

The public library might have an auto repair section. The public library might have a reciprocal agreement with other libraries to share books where they will arrange to borrow a book for you.

I checked an auto mechanic text book out in the past to get a general idea of some recommended repairs. It was a heavy book.

I would pull that fuel filter out and bang the “in” side on a clean white paper towel. Id be curious if you somehow have crud in your gas tank clogging it up.

Try squirting starter fluid in the intake. If it starts, it’s fuel.

Possible crud in the gas tank. Do you have a locking gas cap? Someone may have dumped a foreign substance (sugar?) in there. Inspect fuel filter as Fender said above. If clogged you may need to drop the gas tank and have it cleaned out.

My husband had similar problem on is 2003 Ford F150 XLT found out it was the timing chain. Works great now.

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