Error Codes

I am told I am possibly having some engine misfires and I need to get my error codes read. The problem is I don’t want to drive the car to an auto parts store to get read because the engine is really rough and bumpy. So can anyone let me know what kind of code reader to get, OBD I, OBD II, CAN…etc??? I have a 2000 Buick Park Ave. I have a mechanic coming over tomorrow, and it seems he doesn’t have a code reader off hand, so I gotta pick one up…hopefully under $100. Thanks!

You just need an OBDII code reader. Its best to stick to your original thread.

ok thanks…sorry bout the thread thing…will stick to 1

Check eBay for a USB to OBD-2 cable adapter.Turns any laptop into a scan tool…Look for one that comes with diagnostic software…Of course, this will take a few days…

In 2011, a mechanic without a code reader is like a baseball player without a glove. Is he really just a buddy with some tools? (No harm in that, of course.)

If you want it tomorrow, go to the auto parts store and get whatever they have. If you had a few days, you could do a bit of research. I bought my son-in-law a code reader by Actron at Amazon. He seems happy with it. The USB/laptop thing sounds sweet, but of course you need more than a cable, you also need software, and I don’t know one from the other. At the bottom end you will get the basic codes only. At the top end you can get a troubleshooting database that tells you what the codes mean for your specific vehicle, that is updatable.