2003 silverado

this has been a decent truck… lately you drive for 5 miles or so… it goes to reduced engine power. if you get to side of the road and turn completely off and sit maybe 10 seconds or so, it goes fine again… I have tried to get a computer reading, but by the time I have gotten it anywhere, the check engine light is off again… anyone have any ideas?

also, it doesn’t do this every time you drive… very irregular on when, what days, times of days, and weather.

The check engine light does not have to be on to pull the codes. It takes a while after the light goes off for the codes to clear. Did you try to read the codes and nothing was there, or just not read the codes?

You may have to visit a Chevy dealer to read the stored codes. Sometimes the guys at your local auto parts stores won’t bother if the lights not currently on. Just a thought. If they think you’re going to get the parts from them, they may read them for free. My dealers here will do that for me…but I’ve also been getting (most of) my parts from them for years.

You don’t need a dealer - you just need any code reader that will pull “history” codes. Often the parts store readers won’t do that. Most any decent shop can - but it doesn’t have to be a dealer.

ok will try… we have tried a local part store to pull they claim to have gotten nothing