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O/D light sporadicly comes on

I have a problem. My O/D light comes on every now and then. Sometimes I can turn it off by pushing the O/D button, but sometimes it doesn’t go off. It also shifts into overdrive. I have already gotten the sensors that control the O/D replaced. But it is still doing it. My mechanic suggested replacing the whole gear box. Saying the grim and dirt can mess with the shifting. How much will this cost? And do you think his advice is right?

I would get a second opinion. It could be something as simple as the OD button switch.

They said that this model doesn’t have a O/D switch. It has a sensor instead, which they replaced.

Before I had the transmission replaced, I would run the Focus by a qualified transmission specialist to have him/her scan the PCM for any codes. If you can get it to the site while the O/D light is constantly ‘on’ or soon after it works okey without shutting the engine ‘off’, the DTC code should still be in memory and the freeze frame data would be there. With this information the tech should be able to perform more pointed tests to narrow down the problem and give you a diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

They finally found what the problem was. The O/D wire was cut. So they sudered it back together. Now no problems!!

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