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O/D light flashing

The O/D light started flashing yesterday and the car seemed like it was not shifting. We took it to our regular mechanic today and he put it on the computer and couldn’t figure it out. He says it isn’t shifting into 2nd or 4th. We now need to take it to “the transmission guy”. The car only has 63K on it, (2007) Do Fords have this problem? Would the transmission go so soon or could it be something else?

Some do. This was a TSB for older Explorers. The transmission guy will hopefully pull your codes and find out if it’s a major or minor problem. Have them check for any TSB’s from Ford. Transmissions can “go” any time for a variety of reasons. Most don’t at 63K on the clock.

Yes, some Fords do and so do some Hondas and Toyotas and Chryslers and…

Checking for TSBs is wise.

And make sure the “transmission guy” isn’t a national chain type of transmission guy. Get a local shop with a good reputation.

Ask your mechanic what codes came out when the computer was scanned and post them. (There may be other codes, though, that may need a trans guy or gal with different scanning equipment).