NRG steering wheels?!

Im ignorant to cars and my car was recently stolen. The steering wheel was damage along with the ignition and Im looking into prevention methods. Ive heard detachable steering wheels are a good step. Im currently looking into NRG but the website is so confusing to me. So many “hubs” and wheels. I have a 96 Integra and would appreciate help on which hub and wheel to purchase, preferably the cheaper ones please. Thank you.

Amazon sells NRG products, you can look it up by year/make/model but the one i’ve found is $303.00

94-01 Acura Integra NRG 320MM Steering Wheel + Hub + Quick Release Black

Price: $303.00 & FREE Shipping

Note: Not eligible for Amazon Prime.

  • 100% authentic NRG products Designed for those who prefer the steering wheel is further from their bodies.
  • This combo package will inlcude one 320MM SPORT SUEDE Steering Wheel part # ST-012S, one hub adapter part # SRK-110H , and one quick release part # SRK-200SBK.
  • Vehicle Application: 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Acura Integra GS GSR LS RS SE TYPE-R
  • REMARK: 1. If the hub is too short, you would need to add the steering wheel hub spacer (sold separately) 2. We cannot guarantee the horn can be reused in some of the aftermarket steering wheel setup.Since the installation of steering wheel / hub adapter requires removal or inactive of the ABS system, the hub adapter is for off-road / racing use only. No warranty is implied. Please read the following disclaimer carefully before buying the item.
  • Hub Adapter Disclaimer: For cars without airbag: Do not attempt to install this kit yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels. Do not attempt to install this kit without having previously read the instruction manual. Incorrect installation can lead to a steering wheel failure which can cause an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death.

Those people you’ve heard from are wrong. Detachable wheels only make sense in race cars that are hard to get inside because of the roll cages. I had one on my race car.

For a street car, detachable wheels add one more point of failure while driving. They make the horn (a legally required item) a pain to install, eliminate the airbag (so the light stays on always) and eliminate all the steering wheel controls for the radio.


I concur w/MM above. I think you’d be better with a security system that prevented starting or cranking the engine unless it is first disabled, and only you know how to do that. If you want to do something like this on the cheap, when I had that problem years ago as a poor student I installed a hidden switch that prevented power from getting to the ignition system, as well as some other wiring modification which were intended to confuse somebody trying to jumper around the security switch enough they’d give up and steal somebody else’s car instead. I also designed an audio alarm system so if somebody opened the hood (or tried to open the hood) it would make a heck of a lot of noise. How well did this work?: The alarm system went off a few times, due to somebody trying to open the hood, but that’s as far as the wanna-be thieves ever got.