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Replacement steering wheel without airbag

Hello all! My driver’s side airbag deployed and I can’t afford the 2k to fix it. I need suggestions for how to obtain a Mazda steering wheel that looks like it is original and complete (I.e. no gap for missing airbag) just something to look OK to fit the look of my Mazda 6. All suggestions welcome. Thank you all so much in advance!!!

Unless you can find a dealer in a country that doesn’t require them, and they are willing to ship here. Otherwise I think the only option is after market.

Agree with @PvtPublic aftermarket wheel is the only way to go here… but I wouldn’t do it.

If you must, here is one aftermarket wheel of many;

And the hub needed to adapt is

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Are you saying the airbag deployed only and there was not an accident involved? If your area has inspections you will not pass with an after market steering wheel.


Also, as our professional mechanics have made clear, few professional mechanics would risk the great liability of making a car run that would not have the designed safety equipment operating. You would be on your own there.

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Who quoted you $2,000 to fix your driver’s airbag? Have you gotten competitive quotes from other shops, or did you only get one quote?

I just can’t imagine being in an accident where the airbag was deployed and then assuming I don’t need to replace it. It’s not like you’re saying, “I’ve never needed an airbag, so I don’t see the point of having one.” On the contrary, you’re saying “I used my airbag, and now I don’t think I will never need one again.” I don’t understand that kind of logic.