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Honda civic 1994 coupe dx

I need help with my honda the steering wheel moves freely but the front wheels don’t move, i searched everywhere and see nothing on this, this happened to me when steering wheel lock was on and i turned it hard enough to i guess break it, i took it apart and tried tightening the bolt and putting red threader but it did work for a little bit then went undone again.

Is a detachable steering wheel

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I don’t think the steering wheel lock is involved w/that problem. More likely worn tie rod ends.

I checked my tie rods and they seemed fine to me and i forgot to note my steering wheel isn’t original it is a detachable one

I suspect you did not break the locking mechanism but rather something in the quick release hub. Look at your intermediate steering shaft while someone else turns the steering wheel to help locate the problem.

Start at the steering wheel. Follow the steering column down to the floor of the car wiggling the wheel back and forth. Do you see the steering shaft turn down near the floor? No? Replace the entire steering column as the shaft has broken. Do you see it turn? Yes? Follow it to and through the floor to the steering rack. Does it still turn? No? Then there is a broken coupler between the column and rack. It turns? Yes? The the rack is broken and needs replacing.


I checked it all and it was working i tried earlier today and the steering wheel fine from the red threader and tightening its bolt i’m going to take it apart again later to make sure its put in right to prevent any future issues but i edited my post and added pics and vids so u can check it out the vid with the steering wheel not working was a earlier vid of yesterday

That’s a critical piece of the puzzle. Could well be something associated w/that. Just curious, what motivated you (or anybody else) to install a detachable steering wheel? I don’t recall ever thinking: “I sure wish I could remove my steering wheel any time I wanted.”

I didn’t I bought the car for $800 this is my first ever car

The same reason you put a rear wing or spoiler on a front wheel drive car, It’s cool.

hmmm … I can see how something on the exterior of the car might improve its ambience, or even a different style steering wheel, but I don’t see how “removability” as applied to the steering wheel improves the ambience of the car. There must be something I’m missing. It sounds like it wasn’t the OP’s decision, a prior owner did it, the car came that way.

Yeah I don’t know eather and i saw it had a thicker bar then other hondas i seen modified so maybe he had big plans but the owner who sold me it was a young guy and he seemed to be knowledgeable because he had a nice older 67 impala

A 94 civic should make for a great first car OP. No worries there. The early 90’s were the sweet spot for cars imo. All the benefits of modern electronic port fuel injection but little of the other annoying stuff. Your steering wheel problem is just going to need some common sense diagnosis, eliminating one possibility after another until you’ve discovered what is wrong. Simple enough in concept, you turn the steering wheel, the wheels should turn correspondingly. If they don’t there’s a problem someone in that path.

Yeah the car nice but it definitely is a fixer upper and I’m unsure if I should invest into it or just sell it for a more ready to go car

A friend of mine sold a 2004 Corolla w/100K for $2500. That car was in perfect condition, no problems whatsoever other than a worn drive belt and a battery near the end of its service-life. If you can pony together $2500 you should be able to get you a pretty good used car from among the econobox civics, corollas, and mazda 3’s.

I vote for selling and find something that has not had what may be non professional modification .