Now that time has passed

Generally, as time passes the parts aftermarket catches up with providing sufficient equivialnt replacemant parts.

2003 Honda Civic Hybrid is in need of the IMA hybrid drive battery and is out of warranty by mileage.

Any one out there heard of aftermarket sources for these ?

A half hour google search only came up with chat rooms and one repair place ( )

I am a ford dealer and my usual sources are just and parts houses; Car Quest, Auto Zone & O’Reilly’s, all of whom said no and Honda dealers for OE.

With the relatively low sales of the Civic Hybrid and the high cost of the battery I guess I’m not surprised there are no aftermarket replacements, not like it could fit other vehicles.

It looks like the lower end going price for a used one is $500 on I think thus far the battery packs in hybrids in general have been too reliable to really attract much of an aftermarket.

Just out of curiosity, have you priced out a Honda OE one yet? There seems to be a lot of mixed messages about what the actual parts price is on these things-- maybe they’d give a fellow dealer a straight answer.

I see replacement packs with 6 month warranty for ~$400 on Ebay.