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2003 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA Battery

I am looking for a good deal (not a surprise) on a battery replacement. I have 185,000 miles and I have been driving with the battery replacement light on for 6 months…my mileage was improving but now dropping. Anybody find a good price on a replacement or rebuild?

You are a pioneer. There have not been many people needed battery replacement/rebuilds yet. In time if hybrids become more popular, a domestic battery rebuild or replace industry will develop. For now all I can suggest is the dealer.

Check on ebay.

Perhaps not what you’d call inexpensive but he is quite a bit less than going to the dealer. Even if you were to go and find a new pack at the junkyard it will need to be “refreshed” if it has sat for longer than 30 days.

If you’re a bit handy you can rebuild your own battery pack, the problem is usually finding extra “sticks” since you can’t buy them from Honda and normally it’s one or 2 bad ones that start to give you issues.