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Nothing ever changes

This poem about the Joys and sorrows of owning an automobile was in the Peoples Press 7 April 1916

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Click on the image to read the last few lines.


Must be talking about a Ford?

Can’t spend a pile of dough on a 1916 Ford. Not much to buy, the Model T is so simple… :smile:

That’s fun @Keith, thanks for a chuckle on Saturday morning.

Great post, fun to read. A lot of people seem to bond to mechanical gadgets, wind up watches and the like, and especially cars. I’m reading a book about a trip Harry Truman took in his new Chrysler after leaving office. He was actually somewhat impoverished as there was no presidential pension then. Still he insisted to pay for the new Chrysler, but rumors say he only paid $1. A special deal from Chrysler. He documented the mpg at each gas stop. His wife was along for the ride, her job was to watch the speedometer and tell him to slow down.

People who’d refuse to spend $2 on a light bulb, rather live in the dark than spend money for that, will spend $2000 to fix up their 60 years old car’s rusty body work. No complaint at all. Car magazines print photos of old cars that have been sitting in cow pastures for years, cars that will never run again. Yet there’s the space, dedicated to the rusted out old car photos. I guess it is all sort of a homage to the art of the mechanical gadget.