Not Technically Oriented, but Interesting Automotive History


Well, after 50 years they dug her up in Tulsa today. It remains to be seen what will happen with it.

Should have been pickled a bit better.




I hear that they are going to drop it at your shop for a tune-up and oil change.


and please don’t get annoyed, ok4450, if the factory DENIES any legitimate warranty claims. JUST KIDDING! :wink:


The cart was dirty and quited rusted. Just as you’d expect.


Yeah I watched it on the net. A real disappointment. If they could have kept the water out, it would have been a different story. I wish they would at least clean all the mud off out of respect. That was one fine car in its day.

I guess I was 9 then, and the neighbor’s body man dad built him a go kart size 57 Plymouth complete with Maytag washing machine engine. In 58 changed it to a 58 with new head and tail lights. Neat memories.


A real shame. There’s no telling what kind of money that car would bring if it had remained as new.

One would think that they would have been smart enough back then to mount that vault on stilts and have a water accumulation area underneath with a drain into the storm system.

Jeez. Even some basements accumulate water so why expect the vault to remain dry.
As a huge Mopar fan, I’m crushed over this.
They had said some months back here that the car had been pickled with Cosmoline and I was thinking that if the Cosmoline had been packed on there thoroughly the car might have a chance. No such luck. :frowning:


I am a huge mopar fan as well and am disappointed at the condition of this piece of american history. I would have expected they would have been overly cautious about the storage process including a sump pump and heaters in the concrete. I heard that Boyd Coddington is going to completely restore this car. Looking forward to the final product.


I had planned on going to that thing, but as usual…:frowning:

Back before Xmas they were insinuating the car has been absolutely drenched in Cosmoline so I had high hopes that 3 days of Cosmoline removal would produce a new car.

I’m not real thrilled with the packing job they did on it to say the least.
While not a fan of Coddington at all, I do hope he mananges to resurrect that thing somehow.
I would love to look at it up close and underneath just to see how bad it really is and whether or not the frame rails are eaten up or not.

Yep, Mopars are my favorite cars of all time and have owned a 60 New Yorker, 68 Roadrunner, and 69 SuperBee.
All great cars but I did twist U-joints out of the Bee a couple of times.
Trying to work a deal on straight, and I mean straight, 66 Charger (383 car) that is sitting out in the boonies here. Stone original exc. for wheels, not one interior tear, no rust, motor/trans is out and in a shed, and did I mention? NO rust, in spite of sitting since 1980. Unbelieveable.
It even has auto on the floor, factory tach, and an 8 track tape player. I knew I held onto those 8 tracks of Creedence for some reason. :slight_smile:


Well, just got the local paper and it had a few closeup pics of that car, including the inside.
Sad, very sad. The Titanic may be in better shape.
They said when they opened it last week that the vault had several feet of water in it.
That must be what was remaining of the original 8 feet of water. :frowning:

If you have to trash 99% of the car to restore it then why bother. Leave it as a museum piece for discussion would be my opinion.



Have you looked at this pictures yet?
~Dartman69(logged out again!)


I agree with you that if they are going to have to replace that much of the car they should just clean it up and put it in a museum. After looking at the pictures on the website I just posted that would be what they would need to do. It is so sad that they didn’t protect it better.


Are the people who buried the car also running the government there? I hope not.


Those pictures pretty much clarify it for me. It’s a museum display piece. It really hurts to see this happen to a brand new car that reminds me of our family car. When I was about 12-13 years old our family car was a '59 Plymouth Fury 2DR HT. I learned to drive and took my driver’s license test in that thing; push button trans and all.

Horrible is about all I can say.


I think they’re all from the same incestuous family. :slight_smile:

Considering what Tulsa streets are like, even if the Plymouth had been in new condition, it would have looked like those pics after about 6 months on the public roadways.