Not Really Technically Oriented

Thought some of you might get a chuckle out of this one. It could be considered a case of extreme recycling with a tree/brush cutter.


Note when the A/C system goes off.


Bwahaa! Putting aside the environmental impact for a moment, that is the coolest thing in the world.

Needed a good laugh this morning…

Chrissake, now I can’t get rid of this post.

I guess I should of waited another minute for it to show up then I could have edited it. Oh well.

Looks like the fuel tank was removed first.

Old Chrysler or a Merc Villager?

Definitely a Plymouth or Dodge minivan.

I’d like to see the look on an insurance adjuster’s face when a case of vandalism was reported.

What struck me about this promo for selling their equipment is what the EPA would think about them running a buzz saw through the A/C system and releasing that refrigerant cloud into the atmosphere.

I did not read that AC comment before I watched it the first time so, darn it, I had to watch it again.

Thanks for sharing, it was fun. I think that demo derbies will remain my favored way of watching auto demolition. Remember when they were commonly on TV, Wide World of sports maybe?

I used to watch those demo derbies and loved them. It seems anymore they’ve been watered down a lot by crunching things together where there is no room to gain some speed. No doubt a liability issue.

Kind of funny also that many demo derbies anymore have a strict rule about “No Chrysler Imperials allowed”. It appears that not many cars could stand up to those old tanks.

I think car avaliablilty is also part of it. There simply isn’t the supply of enormous carbureted RWD cars with no crumple zones avaliable in the under 100 bucks range these days. I’ve had numerous offers on my '64 LeSabre by demolition derby enthusiasts.