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Are You Up-To-Date On The Chrysler Transmissions?



You should have warned us! I nearly wet myself. This was very reminiscent of the Mopar Master Tech filmstrips of the 50’s.

Got 1/2 way through, think I’ll save the rest until I need to go to sleep tonight. Sorry.

I seem to remember a story about this guy and the Turbo Encabulator when it came out. Some exec hired him to give this spiel at a noon luncheon for his engineers. It was stated that all or most of them were actually buying into this stuff.

Yep, even the voice is the same. Must be the same guy. I like to watch the old commercials from the 50’s and 60’s on youtube and sure sounded the same.

Interesting though the the engineer had an ASE certification sign so he must know what he’s talking about.

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Was very clear to me. They are working on a transmission that NO ONE knows how it works or can fix.

Was misspelled, should have read "AS$)

Sounds like you just described a 1961 Olds Rotohydramatic.

I get a kick out of that every time I see it.

I once had a 64 Dynamic 88, 394 high compression with a 4bbl. Loved everything about that car, except the shifting of that Roto.

A friend bought a mint condition 64 98 a year or so ago and actually had the engine stall on a light throttle first to second upshift. He called me in a panic and I just smiled as I reminisced. I had him drive it over and lengthened the throttle linkage 1/32 of an inch. Made all the difference in the world.

Before service manuals I seem to remember messing around with the shift levers on my 59 Pontiac. Followed the instructions in Popular Mechanics or something and it shifted a lot smoother. Don’t know what it had in it for a transmission and have to confess I never knew enough to change the fluid. Hey, I was only about 19.

@Tester. It seems to me the video is out of date. Isn’t it describing the “lift and clunk” Chrysler transmissions of the 1940s through 1953?. These transmissions were called Gyromatic on the Dodge and Tiptoe shift on the DeSoto. I’ve forgotten what the transmission was called on the Chrysler.

Chrysler’s name was Prestomatic.
Why do I remember nonsense like this and I can’t remember what I had for lunch?

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…“refer to…manual and songbook.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Needs more unilateral phase detractors.