Not a question, just a proud dad

My son has a new Navy job…he’s learning vehicle maintenance!

I’m so proud. I just had to tell you guys.

Congratulations! That’s great news, Mountainbike. You have every reason to be proud. Thanks for sharing your good news with us.

Wait a minute! Does that mean he’s going to start jumping in here and correcting me every time I’m wrong?

Just kidding.

Congrats, Mountainbike. Hope you’re celebrating. And I also hope your son stays out of harm’s way while he’s in the Navy.

Well done, MB. It proves you’ve done at least ne thing right. Congrats!

Good for him! What vehicles will he work on?

Congrats, MountainBike. And a heartfelt “Thank-You” to Your son. As one who “did 20” in the USAF, it’s comforting to know that our nation’s military still has an attraction for our youngsters. Once again, congrats!

Good deal, that’s always a good skill to know. Knowing his way around vehicles will save him a ton of money in the future.

Excellent! Be sure to give him our thanks for serving.

Congrats, MB. Good for him. I’d be as proud and happy as you are. And more opportunities for father/son bonding!

You will get some phone calls. There is luck in the universe after all.

A huge tip of the hat to your son for proudly wearing the uniform and congratulations!

Good deal!

And tell him thanks for serving.

Congratulations! It’s pretty great for both what he’s doing and for you being so proud to share it here.

we are proud of your son.and all the men and women serving in the milliatry.and to their families nephew got back from iraq 3months ago.and the parents and their family need are thanks also. congrats

Assuming that there is a Mrs. Same Mountain Bike, she has done a fine job. Kudos to her!


On this Fourth of July holiday, please accept my thanks for your son’s service. I will pray that he stays out of harm’s way.

Congratulations Dad.

And you thought you weren’t getting anything for father’s day huh?

And my hat is off to your son. Give him my best.


Good for him MB! Wish him well and thanks for his service. Rocketman

Don’t know what else to add here Mb. Congratulations!

BTW, glad to see he’s in the right branch of the forces. Heh heh (I did a three year stint at sea up here from 1961)

Great for him MB! And for you too! Just remember, once they learn how to take care of the vehicles in the military, they bring it back with them. And it’s something he’ll always have.

I also wish to thank your son for taking this step in his life, to serve our country, to keep it free.

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