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Hi All -

I was wondering if someone could help me. I’ve got a 2008 Mitsubishi lancer. I’ve noticed a gradual vibration coming from the front suspension. At first I could just hear it, but now I can feel it in my steering wheel and a little in my pedals. It doesn’t vibrate when I accelerate, nor does it vibrate (too badly) when I brake, but when I’m holding the speed consistent, or letting off the accelerator is when I really feel it. I also feel it when I turn the wheel slightly to the left, but once I get past this (maybe 5 degree turn) threshold it stops vibrating. I was thinking a wheel bearing or CV joint, but wanted to get someone’s thoughts.


I’m thinking CV joint coming apart. I had one come apart and it vibrated going straight for about the last 10 miles, then when I got to my parking space and backed up a little, all of the ball bearings fell out of the joint and that was the end of it. Someone just needs to look at it.

Concur, the car needs to be put on a lift and the suspension and steering stuff given a look-see. Another idea, years ago I had a problem like this on a 60’s Ford passenger car, and it turned out to be one the wheel weights had fallen off, and wheel was unbalanced. Rebalancing the wheel was all that was needed. That symptom occurred at very specific speeds, and not at other speeds.

Following @Bing’s suggestion, you could check the rubber boots covering the CV joints. Look for damaged boots or tell-tale grease leaking. Often a torn boot precedes a CV joint running out of grease or ingesting dirt and water.

How old are the tires? The end digits of the tires’ DOT numbers on the sidewalls should be the manufacturing dates. “…2308” would translate to manufacture date of the twenty-third week of 2008.

Often aged tires can begin having belt problems that will usually get progressively worse. Look those over, too, for anything unusual, either with wear patterns or uneven tread surface.