Noisy Radiator Fan



My daughter has a 2004 Mazda6 with only 24,000 miles. The radiator fan is so loud you can really hear it while the engine is running. Then it continues to run after the car is turned off, even if it is only 30 degrees outside


How long does the fan continue to run after the engine is shut off in 30 degree weather?


Up to a couple of minutes.


That sounds (no pun intended) like it is fairly normal.
On many cars, the radiator fan will run for a couple of minutes after the engine is shut off–even in cold weather. Just be sure to monitor the coolant level in the overflow container and the radiator, in case it is low on coolant.


Thanks, I appreciate the input and I understand what you are saying. But the level of noise is so much higher now than it used to be it is somewhat disconcerting. This is definitely a significant increase over what would be called “normal.”


I had the same problem with my 2004 about 3 years ago. The electric fan sensor was faulty. I believe shortly after the dealer repaired this, a recall or TSB was issued. I haven’t had any problems since.


Thanks for the info…I will look into that and see what I find.