2002 Mazda MPV, makes a noise after it's turned off

Hi. Thanks in advance. My 2002 Mazda MPV makes a noise when I turn it off. The noise stops after a minute or two. It sounds kind of like it does when the air conditioner is on. The temperature is fine according to the dash gauge. No warning lights. It hasn’t been serviced recently except for a computer reset (or something like that) a couple of months ago and I think I had them change the oil then. I did not notice that this problem was correlated to the work done, but I’m not really sure. Thanks!

Without a description of where the noise is coming from or what is actually sounds like, everything is mere guesswork. My best guess–with a strong chance of being wrong–is that you are hearing the radiator’s cooling fan. Even in the winter, it is possible for it to run for a minute or two after shutting off the engine.

On another topic, you told us, “I think I had them change the oil”. You really need to begin keeping records of the car’s maintenance in order to make yourself aware of when it needs to be serviced and what needs to be done.

After the engine gets warm, drive to a repair shop, and ask for a mechanic to come and listen as you turn off the engine.

I do have a record, but it’s in the car and I didn’t go out to check before posting. They did change the oil, if that matters.

It’s coming from the engine area. And like I said in my original post, it sounds kind of like when the air conditioning is running. Maybe a fan noise? I don’t know how to better describe it. It’s not a pinging or knocking or anything like that.

And thanks, hellokit, that’s what I will probably eventually do. I just thought you all might know if it is something that’s not a big deal and then I could save the money. Or if it’s something super obvious and easy to fix, then maybe we could try to fix it ourselves. Is the radiator fan running after I turn it off something that needs to be looked at?

Oh, also, it has 80,000 miles on it and has never had any major work done. Just normal maintenance and then two of the air sensors have been replaced and this recent computer reset.