Noisy Power Steering Pump


I have a 2003 VW Passat V6. The power steering pump was making more and more of a whining noise over the last 6 months. My mechanic checked the reservoir and fluid level was just over the minimum line. He proceeded to install a new pump - which was just as noisy as the original. Today he put yet another pump on. It’s still noisy, but better. He showed me tiny bubbles in the reservoir. He said the air bubbles take a few hundred miles to work out of the system and the pump should quiet down. Does this sound correct?


Did your mechanic use the correct Pentosin VW power steering fluid ?

If he didn’t, it’s the wrong PS fluid and will always make a noise until the pump fails prematurely.


Try removing the reservoir and CLEANING the filter screen in the bottom of it. These screens frequently plug up with rubber hose particles, starving the pump for fluid and making it whine. If that turns out to be the problem, find a new mechanic.


jeez,find a new tech.

thats like saying the check engine light will go off,(after a few weeks)not going to happen) but possible.

NEW TECH needed.


I agree about finding another tech. Repeated replacement of the same part often points to being a bit clueless.
They’re trying to cure the symptom and not the cause.