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Noisy New Wiper

I put new cheapest wiper blades from Auto Zone on my 1996 Impala SS when I bought it about 4 months ago. They are both quiet when it is pouring but if the rain is light the driver side wiper stutters like a wounded elephant, but the passenger side wiper is silent. What to do to fix this? Something to put on the windshield? Try a different brand, more expensive wiper? Any suggestions will be welcome.

Wipe the wiper blade with a rag and rubbing alcohol.

As oldtimer 11 suggested, cleaning the rubber part of the blade may take care of it. The next thing I would suggest is making sure the part of the blade touching the windscreen should be perpendicular to the glass when there is no pressure on it (when you are holding it and it is just kissing the glass). If need you can bend the wiper arm a little to get it perpendicular.

A new set of blades will also fix the problem. Sometimes the cheapest is not the way to go. I replace wiper blades about every 6 months or so.

I agree with both here. The blade is not perpendicular, and usually a new one will fix the problem.

I had the same problem with a set of new Ancos on my 1993 Caprice. I removed the wiper, flipped them around and reinstalled them. Both wipers were quiet after that.

Ed B.

Thanks for all these great advices! I will try them one by one till the screaming elephant wiper is solved.