Windshield wipers - annoying sound



I was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of annyoing dragging/rubbing sound that my windshield wipers produce when at work? Sound tends to be less obvious when there is heavy rain and more water to wipe. Is there anything I should treat the rubber with, or perhaps avoid wax when washing the car, or ask somebody to adjust the downward pressure of the blades?


Buy new ones.


I bought new ones not too long ago. They were OK for a month or so. Then the sound re-appeared. That?s why I was wondering if there is anything else into it.


You might try a different brand of wiper blade. Did you replace the entire blade, or just put in a new insert? The reason I ask is that I put some inserts in the wiper blades and had this problem. I know that it shouldn’t happen, but it did. I also had some non-major brand that caused the same problem. I don’t remember the name, but it wasn’t Anco or Trico.


Is it sort of a stuttering sound. If so check to make sure the blades are perpendicular to the glass when there is no pressure on them. This is usually only a problem in one direction. Other than that, cleaning the window and most important replacing the old hardened rubber blades is likely the answer.


After you have checked all of the mechanical issues as suggested and possibly replaced the blades, you might try cleaning your windshield thoroughly with Bon Ami. Be sure you get the one for glass, not the scouring powder. It should be available in most larger grocery stores. Once again, don’t use the scouring powder. It will ruin your glass.


I’m having the same problem. You mentioned to make sure that the blades are perpendicular with no pressure. What if they are not? The stuttering sound is during the up stroke. Is there a way to adjust the pressure? I’ve tried 3 different brands of blades. I’ve also cleaned the windshield with a vinegar/water mixture (being careful of the paint). It’s better but still get the stutter. Just can’t seem to get them to travel smoothly across the windshield


The stuttering sound is during the up stroke. Is there a way to adjust the pressure?

It is not the pressure it’s the angle. You may need to bend the arm (carefully) to make the blade perpendicular to the window.


Its because most cars do not have a park ramp position for the windshield wiper blades that keeps pressure off the the blades when not in use. The blades get used to being pressed flat in one direction while not in use, and will no longer flip back and forth like they should. Try lifting up the blade and setting them back down on the glass so the squeegee is in a straight up position, or in the opposite direction when not in use.