Noisey manuel transmission

I have a '93 Explorer which I will never get rid of because the dar has been so dependable. When the clutch was replaced about five years ago a noise developed that I can only explain because of past experience as a craked or warped flywheel. The shop said that there was nothing they could do about it but I demanded that they replace the clutch assembly along with the pilot bearing, and TO bearing. I ebded up paying for the clutch twice because even though I know they replaced all those parts the nose persisted. This past summer I got tired of the noise and replaced the clutch assembly again with parts bought from the dealership - to include a $500 flywheel. The noise defiantly remains even after replacing the slave cylinder and master cylinder. Does anyone have any ideas on what this noise is?

Norm. Cars and the word “never” = big problems + wasted money. Excuse me. I’m still trying to swallow “nothing they could do about it”. Did you replace the clutch two or three times? Find a new shop and keep an open mind about what they tell you. Give them the whole history of things. Other comments here by those in the know would make a good question list when you take it in. I know the mad-As-hell-and-ain’t-gonna-take-it-anymore feeling. But when it progresses to cars “defying” you, maybe it’s time to calmly back up to square one.

What kind of noise is it (e.g. rumble, clunk, whine, etc.)? I wonder if the problem may be the front bearing in the transmission. My guess is that you think it is a bearing because you’ve mentioned that you replaced the pilot bearing and the throw-out bearing. I have had noisy transmission bearings in manual transmissions. Put the car in neutral and depress the clutch. Do you hear the noise? If so,the noise isn’t in the transmission. If you don’t hear the noise, release the clutch. If you hear the noise now, I would bet the problem is in the transmission.

What kind of noise?? When does it occur…When the clutch is depressed??..clutch released??? Sure it’s in the clutch…and NOT the tranny???