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Noisey transmission

i just got done replacing my clutch, when i got done putting everything back together i started the car and there was a loud whining noise coming from the transmission,i cant figure out what the problem is, the throwout bearing is brand new and 2 different people tell me that it has to be the throwout bearing but its brand new

A loud whine like you describe would probably not be the throwout bearing. They usually make a whine when the clutch is disengaged i.e. the clutch pedal is pressed down. If the clutch is engaged correctly, there should be no force on the throwout bearing and it should not even be turning.

As to what the loud whine is I can’t come up with an definitive idea. You might double check that the axle stubs are fully engaged in the final drive. Also is there a possibility that the input shaft of the transmission was treaked when the transmission was removed and/or replaced i.e. the whole weight of the transaxle hung on the shaft while it was engaged in the clutch disc hub and pilot bearing?

Maybe someone else will have an idea of where to look. If you find the answer, post back to educate us. Good luck.

I found the problem, it turned out to be the bottom flywheel cover was just barely touching the flywheel just enough to make noise when the engine was running, i adjusted the cover about 1/16" and the noise went away