Noises: "Boing" and "Errrrrrrrr"

When I drive and turn the steering wheel, left or right, I hear a loud “boing” sound…like a huge metal spring making a “boing” sound.

The other noise is when I slow down to a stop or park the car…the front end (like the brakes…make an embarassing loud screeching “Errrrrr” sound. The local repair shop says the brake pads are down only 1/2 and ok. I don’t trust these guys. Something is wrong. No car should be making these sounds.

Is this a 1922 Hupmobile?
A 1957 Buick Roadmaster?
A 1998 F-250 pickup truck?
A 2010 Ferrari?

Please help us by supplying some necessary information, such as:
Model Year
Engine Type
Transmission Type

Does the “errr” sound take place when the brake is applied, or when you are coasting, or both?

In the absence of any of this significant information, I am going to theorize that the “boing” noise could be from the clock spring in the hub of the steering wheel. However, that is predicated on this vehicle being a late-model one. If you are driving the aforementioned Hupmobile or Buick, my theory is bogus.

It is a 2004 Buick LeSabre. The “boing” happens when you are moving and turn…left or right. It happens when you turn the steering wheel…and the sound comes from the front of the car, by the wheel. Reminds me of a huge, metal spring…going “boing”.
The “errrr” sound is made when I apply the brakes. Mostly, when I am moving slowly, parking or stopping. It reminds me of drym screachy brakes…a whiney sound. The repair guy said the brake pads are still good…only 1/2 worn.