Noises: "Boing" and "Errrrr" (or "Screeeeech") sounds

I have a 2003 Buick LeSabre. When I drive and turn the steering wheel, left or right, I hear a loud “boing” sound…like a huge metal spring making a “boing” sound.

The other noise is when I slow down to a stop or park the car…the front end (like the brakes…make an embarassing loud screeching “Errrrrr” sound. When I apply pressure to slow down, I can feel the brakes grabbing/releaseing/grabbing. Not a smooth slow down. The local repair shop says the brake pads are down only 1/2 and ok. I don’t trust these guys. Something is wrong. No car should be making these sounds.

Why did you make a whole new post? Here is the original:

I wasn’t sure if alittle added information would pin point the problem. The brakes having a grabbing/releasing feel when I brake. I think the pads need to be replaced (even though the repair guy says the pads are only worn 1/2 and are still good). As for the “boing” noise when I turn… the repair guy’s explaination was that some mud/dirt could be on top of the spring where the ball berrings are. (hubby can’t think of the word for the part). Does that make any sence? Whats your intake?

My intake is just behind the radiator, on the left side of the car.
However, we both digress from the topic of your two threads.

Now that you are giving us some additional information regarding the braking problem, I am beginning to surmise that the problem lies in the ABS system. Although it should not be activating while braking on smooth, dry pavement, this can happen if the wheel sensors are dirty, or if some electronic gremlins are at play in the system.

If your mechanic is not skilled with ABS repair, you may have to go to the dealership for an ABS-related problem. Hopefully, your mechanic or another indy repair shop in your area can figure out this problem without you having to resort to the dealership for repairs.