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Noise while turning at lower speeds

I have a 2007 Honda CRV AWD. I hear noise when I take deep left or right turns at lower speed. For example, when I take a turn into the driveway. Can someone please help me narrow down the problem.

You must get as near as possible to the suspension and listen while someone steers from side to side. You night open the hood and while your hand is on the upper strut mounts have someone steer. A failing upper strut mount can be easily felt as the wheel moves from side to side. If all is OK there the problem will likely be the lower ball joint.

It is very likely that this noise is the classic Honda CR-V center differential noise.
When the center diff binds up on slow turns, it results in scuffing of the tires, and it produces noises that are sometimes described as a groaning noise. While you failed to tell us exactly what type of noise you are hearing (shame, shame!), if you are hearing a groaning or rubbing noise, then you have a center differential problem.

Usually, simply changing the diff fluid will eliminate the noise, but you have to use the GENUINE Honda Dual-Pump Fluid. No other fluid can be substituted. The center diff and the rear diff have a fluid connection on this model, and the fluid change is done through the rear diff.

Even if the maintenance schedule does not specify it, CR-Vs need to have the diff fluid changed every 60k miles in order to avoid this type of problem.

I’d start by asking you to describe the sound. Thunking suggests possible bad articulating joints, clicking suggests bad CV joints, squealing suggests a possible bad tensioner or binding power steering pump.

I agree 100% with Rod’s suggestion to open the hood listen while someone turns the wheel, but suggest that you might hear a noise caused by something other than a strut mount or ball joint.