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2000 CR-V differential?

Bought a one owner cr-v with 130,000 miles for $6g with a back differential problem. Noises heard are a clicking when turning, and a left rotter sounding scrap; dealer said ‘they wouldn’t have missed the brakes, must be rust’. I have until tomorrow (oct. 6) to return if a really nasty problem is prevelant. Any ideals or suggestions?

Noises are difficult to describe, but most people who have had differential problems with CR-Vs describe it as a groaning noise when making low-speed turns. The “fix” is to change the differential fluid, using only the genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid. This apparently needs to be done on CR-Vs every 60k in order to avoid problems. Since the rear diff and the center diff on this car are connected, you actually change the rear diff fluid and it also flows to the center diff, where the problems actually originate.

That being said, if you are hearing clicking while turning, that sounds more like CV joints that are about to break. Unless the dealer is willing to install new axles and to change the diff fluid, I would suggest that you pass on this purchase.

Give it back to the dealer. Give them a week to make it right. Test drive it after they say it is fixed. If the test drive is ok accept the car but have a specific warranty on the repairs just in case it isn’t fixed properly.

If you have until tomorrow to return, then drop it off first thing in the morning.