After a new axel

Our 2006 Honda Odyssey broke down in August. First they said it was the transmission. Later they called and said they had to replace the axel (it wasn’t the transmission). Now after two long (more than an hour) road trips, it starts to squeal/screech when you get off the highway. The sound becomes louder if you turn the wheel. After it cools down, no more sound.

I just lost my job and really don’t want to make an unnecessary trip back to the dealership. Any ideas? I’ll check the power steering fluid tonight.

What broke down? What caused the car to stop working? You said they replaced the axle but you did not say if that fixed the “break down” issue. This noise could be a sticky brake caliper or an ungreased caliper slide that binds when you hard brake on an exit ramp. How many miles on the car that they had to replace the axle? Does the squeal screech change if you push the brake? You can with a minimum of tools take off the tire and look at the front brake calipers. If they replaced the axle they tore down the wheel to do so. The caliper is part of the assembly. You might run this by them as a " you fixed this and didn’t put it together right" issue. Otherwise have a good independent shop look at this specific issue.

“don’t want to make an unnecessary trip back to the dealership”

How long was the warranty on the work?
I would have gone back immediately to try and get some discount at least.