Noise when stopped in drive (CVT) (only when warmed up)

Hey, I’m hearing a noise from the front wheel driver side (or below the engine) while the car is in drive and stopped. This will only happen when the car is warmed up and it will not happen in neutral or park. I cannot hear it much from the bonnet.
I own a Nissan Qashqai - 2011 - 2.0 AWD - CVT with 80,000km. Coolant and CVT fluids never changed.
Do you think this is normal or needs to be checked?
Other than this the car seems to be in optimal condition and the transmission works smoothly.


Overheating is never normal, and if you allow it to continue will cause expensive damage.

Oh, and you need to change that coolant. You’re horribly overdue. Guaranteed all the corrosion inhibitors are long gone, which might explain the overheating; your water pump impeller might be corroded away.

80,000 km is approx 49,700 miles…with a Nissan CVT. I would have the dealership change the CVT fluid. Check your owners manual to see if the time requirement has been met for the coolant (aka xxx,xxx miles OR XXX months), but I think @shadowfax is right and you’re long past due to have it changed.

Thanks @shadowfax, maybe I chose the wrong word, it might not be overheated (temp gauge is at the middle) but it does that after some drive on traffic or on hot days. Definitely not on cold start.

I’d check it out or have a shop check it out if needed. It’s hard to tell exactly what something really sounds like in an internet sound clip (especially when I’m using an IPhone). It sort of sounds like a heat shield or some other thin, metallic piece is loose and only rattling when in drive at idle, when the engine rpm’s are lowest. I’d check for anything loose or touching something that it shouldn’t be in the exhaust area (heat shields, clamps, hangers, etc.).

Then again, it kind of sounds like something slipping inside the trans, but you’d think that would get worse under load.

Like I said, internet video clips make the sounds widely open to interpretation!

Like mentioned, I’d definitely service the trans fluid and the coolant (especially the trans) regardless.

that sounds like a tensioner or idler pulley bearing noise too me.

Is fluid routed to cooler when it’s hot?

Would be a good idea to change that misleading title.
Perhaps “only when warmed up”.

The sound you are hearing seems like it could be indicating a problem of some sort. Nissan CVT transmissions get quite a few posts here. You could see what others have said about them by clicking on the forum search link, upper right this page.