2016 Nissan Rogue - loud whining when slowing down


There are many things that can cause that noise. and with the limited info you gave it would be hard to give an answer.
Is it only happing when you slow down or when you accelerate? does it happen at highway speeds too?
Is it coming from the front, middle or back of vehicle?
does it sound like it is coming from one of the wheels?
Is the check engine light on?
the more info you give the more someone here can help you.
Nissans are known for having CVT transmission problems for years. there have been recalls or technical service bulletins out because of the problems with them.
I will leave you with a couple…

Campaign ID: PC490 (nhtsa.gov)

2013-2015 Altima; Whine Noise From CVT At Highway Speeds (nhtsa.gov)

If it happens when stepping on brake pedal, could be your car is equipped with brake pad wear indicators that are designed to make a loud noise when the brake pads reach their wear limit; in other words . ask your shop if all you may need to do is replace the brake pads.

Tell them they can walk if they don’t like your driving… lol

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Without hearing the noise I am going to +1 for the trany…


It is coming from the middle of the car and it does it when you are slowing down and it kind of jerks when you take off

I’m a mobile maintenance technician and it’s no it the brakes. It’s either the tranny or the rear end

Since this is an AWD vehicle, are all 4 tires the exact same make model and within about 3/32 tread of each other??