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Noise when releasing clutch

Sometimes (say 1 in 10 times I start the car) I hear a sort of squeaking or whirring or maybe loud whistling noise as I release the clutch after shifting into first. Sometimes I can also hear it after shifting into second but it’s much less pronounced. This only happens right after I start driving and goes away fairly quickly. But, when it does make the noise, especially in first, it is very, very noticeable.

The clutch was replaced at a dealer within the last year. It does not sound like pilot bearing, throwout bearing, or input shaft bearing noise at all. It only happens as I’m releasing the clutch - there is no noise if I’m in neutral or once I’m in gear. I’ve also noticed it’s more likely to happen if I’ve just driven in reverse, like after backing down the driveway.

I don’t know if this is something to be concerned about