Clutch repair?

I have a Subaru Baja 2003 with only 48,000 miles. It is a manual transmission.

My question has to do with the clutch (I think). If I am driving with the windows down and have something beside me that reflects noise ( a big hill, a wall, etc.) when I shift from first into second or second into third I sometimes here a “Criek” sort of grinding noise. I do not have to be moving the shift hence why I assuming it is the clutch. The noise is not bad, as I said I can only hear it occasionally and when I am next to something that reflects sound.

My questions are:
Is it the clutch?
Is it something I should have fixed or should I wait until it gets worse? I am not sure if fixing a clutch is expensive period or if there are some interim steps to a repair that prolongs the clutch and saves money.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Its really had to say without being there, but when you are in your driveway, windows down, engine idling, radio off and transmission in neutral, push the clutch in, then let it out. Repeat several times, is there a difference in the sound?

Edit: significant difference in the sound, there will be a little difference.

Sometimes on a vehicle that isn’t driven often, the throwout bearing can dry out and make a little noise when the clutch pedal is pushed down. It does not matter if you are shifting or not. The noise may go away after a little driving but comes back after the vehicle sits for awhile.

There is nothing you can do about it short of replacing it, but the labor to do that is about the same as replacing the whole clutch assembly, and you probably don’t need a whole clutch assembly. Its only noise, it will get worse with time and eventually it will have to be replaced, but it won’t cost more then than now so you can put it off if you want.

Thank you Keith, this is just the information I was looking for.