Squealing brake

I’ve had my 2009 Corolla a little over a year. A couple of months after I got it, I noticed that, after a rainy night, the first braking of the day resulted in a loud squeal seeming to come from the front passenger side. The dealer said it was probably just moisture getting in there, and not to worry about it. I can go for months without any trouble and then it’s back for a day or two. Any suggestions?

In wet weather, rotors can get a little surface rust very quickly. They can moan a little the first stop or two…They make products to “bed” the pads in (kind of like silicone) that usually stops squeaks if it’s annoying you…But most shops will want to do more extensive work as they don’t make any money messing with squeaks,

Your dealer’s right. Forget it. Same thing happens on frost nights for lots of cars. Brakes are new.