Noise that sounds like old bed springs



My 1994 Ford Crown Victoria makes a noise that sounds like old bed springs. I do know that it is due for shocks, but I am wondering if something else may be causing this embarrassing noise. Any thoughts?


The usual suspect is a dry sway bar bushing. You could try spraying some WD-40 on the 2 center bushings, allow it to work in, and see if the noise goes away.
If it does then a better repair should be done since the WD is more of test solution than anything else. WD-40 is a very short term fix for anything, and the original bushings should be removed and greased with a silicone based grease or replace the bushings.

Another possibility could be dry lower control arm through bolts where the arm mounts to the sub-frame. These corrode over time and dry metal on metal can cause a creaking noise.

Still other possibilities could be a groaning strut or spring pad, dry ball joint or tie rod end, or possibly a dry sway bar link end.

That’s the order in which I would look things over anyway. Hope it helps.


It is most probably the rubber bushings in the front suspension. But, if you have not cahnged the shocks sinse new, I think it might be a good idea now.
Spray the the rubber bushings with WD40 to see if it aleviates the noise. They may have to be replaced also.


Replace the control arm and sway-bar bushings. Sometimes a silicone spray-lube will help…