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Creaking noise in front end of 1998 Crown Victoria

I have a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria with approximately 111,500 miles on it. The other day, it developed a “creaking” noise in the drivers side front wheel. It only happens when I turn and it only happens after the car has been driven for a little bit. When I first start driving it (it has been in the 20-30 degree range here in Ohio)it doesn’t make the noise. After I have driven it for about 15 miles it makes the noise when I turn. It has new tires and has had an alignment done within the last 1500 miles. Any ideas on what this could be? I haven’t taken the wheel off yet but I did turn the wheel so that I could look in and didn’t see anything broken. Thank you.

The noise might be from a dry ball joint.

If the vehicle has the OEM ball joints there are no zerk fittings for greasing the ball joints. However, they can be greased with the use of a needle greaser.


The control arms or “A” frames are mounted to the frame with rubber bushings. If you hear this “creaking” noise when you hit a bump during a sharp turn, the control arm bushings are usually the culprit…Replacing them is expensive because the entire front end must be taken apart to do it. I had it done on a '92, bushings, new shocks, new idler arm, $800…But it drove like a new car, money well spent…