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Noise that is hard to explain

Hi - I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonota. It has about 55K miles. I really like my car and outside of regular maintanence since I bought it I’ve had no issues, until now. I bought it used 1.5 years ago, and it is a prior salvage (back-end wreck). My Dad is an auto body mechanic though also knows the non-auto body stuff, and he looked it over thoroughly and test drove it with me and said it was in great condition.

I’m going to try to explain this best I can, I’m not a car person though. When I turn left not from a complete stop, so when I’m turning left and there is no stop sign or stop light and I do not need to yield, it sounds like I have a bag of sand or something and all of the weight and sand is shifting from one side to the other. Oh, and I had my mechanic father drive it, he can’t hear it because he’s very hard of hearing. My Mom heard it though.

The noise sounds like its coming from the front passenger side.

Oh, and I checked the front glove compartment to make sure it wasn’t just something shifting around in there. :slight_smile:

Have your father remove the blower motor/fan, and check to see if there’s any debris in the blower housing.


Maybe Dad can drive it to work one day and have another mechanic listen to it. You might also record the sound with your phone or a tape recorder and play it back for Dad at louder volume. You could also transfer it to a PC and do the same. Post the recording here for us, too.

Are you getting any water on the passenger side floor? Check to see when your AC is running that you are getting some water dripping under the car behind the right front tire. Your AC drain might be clogged up and you are hearing water hitting the fan.