Hyundai Sonata '06 V6

There’s this sound coming from the front end of my car. Its a metallic sound, kinda like a tambourine being dragged on the ground. Any ideas?

Might be a loose heat shield which can be easily tightened. But before that you have to make sure that it is not a suspension part or a wheel part. Is the sound always there, even when not moving? Has anybody checked the front parts for tightness? Pop the hood and see where the sound is from.

It only makes the sound when the car is moving and it is usually triggered by a turn. I think its coming from the front right wheel area.

Is it a clicking sound? The I will check the CV joint/axle. If it is not clicking I will worry about the wheel bearing. Both could cause severe damage if not attended to.

I wouldn’t call it clicking really, more like lightweight metal dragging. Thanks for your help. I am going tomorrow to have it looked at.