Noise that comes and goes

My 2009 honda, 122K, has started this thing of making repetitive chirping noises but if, and only if, it has been driven for at least 45 minutes. then, the noise comes from nowhere. It is not connected to turns, brakes, or anything else. after it’s parked, the noise goes away until the next long drive. any ideas?

Check the tensioner pulleys. Next time you take a long trip, remove the serpentine belt and restart the car for a minute and see if the noise went away. Feel the tensioner pulleys for drag or roughness.

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Thanks. I have no idea what you just said, but I’ll tell it to my mechanic.

It would be better if you just describe the issue in detail like you did in your original post rather than telling the mechanic how to diagnose the problem.


Thanks. good point.