2009 Honda Accord: Odd sound coming from timing belt?

Anyone know what’s making this sound? Timing belt, tensioner? The idle is pretty loud too, thanks

Video link: Anyone know what this is? - YouTube

Technical problems prevent me listening to your sound file. Generally sounds posted here don’t have a high-enough audio quality to be diagnostic anyway. Suggest to focus on determining if the sound is coming from the timing belt path or elsewhere, such as the serpentine belt path. If the sound is actually originating in the timing belt path, suggest to stop driving the car until problem is resolved. Otherwise risk very expensive problems.

If such a thing is possible w/your car’s configuration, ask your shop if the serp belt can be removed, engine idled very briefly as a test. If sound goes away, probably something in serp belt path rather than timing belt path. Caution: cooling system water pump may be powered by serp belt.

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Hmm, since there is not such car as a Toyota Honda Accord, I think we can safely say this noise is also fictional…

Tell us what car you actually have, what year, what engine.and describe the noise. You might also google “timing belt” and “serpentine belt” so you know the difference. I think you are referring to the serpentine belt and its tensioners and not the timing belt, if you even have one.


Maybe it is a Mullet car. Toyota in the front, Honda in the back. :rofl:


Dang, accidentally added the “toyota” tag. Note to self to slow down when posting things on an iPad. The car’s Ia 2009 Honda Accord - Just updated the post. Thanks for the help, will google.

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Thanks for your help and tips, @George_San_Jose1 . Sounds like a good plan, called up my mechanic and the car will be in the shop soon. I’ll be sure to ask about having the serp belt removed with the engine idled for a brief test.

If you have to ask your mechanic that, you need a new mechanic.


You can release tension from belt and see if noise changes.

Do you have a V6? Otherwise, it has a timing chain.