Noise in dash

There is an intermittent scraping sound in the middle of the dash on a 2007 Lincoln town car. It is a low mileage car, about 40000 miles. It comes and goes. It doesn’t seem to make any difference which position the ac controls are in. but climate control has to be on… There is also a sound when you turn ignition off, sounds like water moving. I am thinking it might be something with a blend door actuator. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The gurgling sound is caused by air trapped in the heating system. Have a dealer suck the air out of the heating system using a special vacuum tool:

You can also have restrictors added to the heater hoses to reduce the noise.

Is the drain line clear for the ac. If it’s not water from the ac cannot drain.

The clicking noise may be one of the stepper motors in the evaporator housing