Motor noise in cabin of Lincoln Town Car

I asked my mechanic to check out the motor noise, which gets louder as I go faster, and he said the motor noise was coming through the “air box.” My son suggested it could be a faulty idle air control valve. The noise really concerns me. What could it be?

It would help to know what year Town Car you have. The newest and the oldest ones don’t even have idle air control valves.
By motor noise do you mean noise from some electric motor (like the suspension compressor) or do you really mean engine noise?

These cars, the Ford “Panther” platform rear drive automobiles, set the standard for a quiet ride. The only thing I can think of is an exhaust leak of some sort. What year is your car?? 92-96 models had an EGR supply tube that comes up the back of the engine right against the firewall… You can hardy find it from under the hood. I would have a good muffler shop do a thorough check for exhaust leaks, including that EGR pipe, which can be seen from underneath…If that checks out, then a broken motor mount…

Again, what year is the car? The IAC might make a fog horn noise if it is going bad, but not get louder the faster you go. Does the noise get louder with increased vehicle speed or increased engine speed? Is this something new with a car you’ve had for a while or is this a new-to-you car?

These cars have quite an intake bark compared to the average large sedan. If you know that this is not normal for your vehicle, your mechanic might be on to something with the air box. With a wide range of MY, they tend to warp, especially in areas with high temperatures. The tabs on the lid no longer catch the loops in the bottom part. You can replace the air box, but there is an easy, inexpensive fix with 4 bicycle spokes and washers.

Remove the air box top and the filter. Drill some small holes in the sides of the box, above the tapered part, to fit the spoke nipples. (You can melt the holes with a hot nail as an alternative.) Insert spokes with washers under the nipples on the lateral sides of the box. Cut and bend spokes to hook them together with the connection near one side or another of the box. Adjust so the box is back to nearly in its new-like shape by bending the hooks you have put in the spokes. Pull the sides in by adjusting the spoke nipples until the box fits the top.

Hello tardis. We have a 2004 Signature. I mean engine noise. Sorry about that.

Hello Caddyman, I specifically asked the mechanic to look for an exhaust leak, but he couldn’t find one, so I had eliminated that cause right off the bat.

Hello Beadsandbeads, Thank you for the advice on how to fix the air box, but we are unable to do the repairs. Would you have an idea of the cost to replace the air box?

The EGR pipe I’m talking about is right next to the firewall and the heater air-box…That’s why I mentioned it…A leak here could be hard to detect, and the tube is hidden…The exhaust pipes would have to be plugged and THEN the EGR pipe inspected with the engine running…

Please answer this. Did this noise develop instantly, or did it come on over a period of time??

This problem came on over a period of time. Also, the car in a 2004.

Hi … I have a 2005 Lincoln town car and having the same issue … Do you have any suggestion for handling this issue?