Noise from car

Pepboys gave me a free estimate for the check engine light and they said i needed an oxygen sensor and also there is an evac leak… they have to run a diagnostic, but i am guessing this might be caused by the charcoal canister.

they did say however, that these issues wouldnt cause noise in the car that i reported as occuring.

it sounds like there i am crashing into something or as if there is something falling in the trunk, almost like a clunking noise… but i have no idea what it is… there is also a rattling noise that occurs when i drive

there is resitence when i accelerate and it goes slow then suddenly goes a little bit faster, then slower…

and lastly there is also there is a scraping screaching sqeeling noise when breaking

The rear suspension/brakes need to be inspected. From what you’re describing, something in the rear is coming apart. And if it’s rear wheel bearing failing, you may be driving the vehicle and then see a tire pass you up.


Have the front brakes checked, also; and have them check the suspension components to see if any are loose or broken.
If you want an opinion on those emissions codes, bring them here (like: P0410, etc.). Include symptoms of poor engine performance, if any.