Nissan Sentra Making Weird Noises

I drive a used 2012 Nissan Sentra that I purchased six months ago. Today is the first time I’ve ever had problems with it. I was driving down the road this afternoon and it started making a noise that’s very hard to describe. It sounds like it’s coming from the dash and is comparable to birds chirping or a computer-like/electronic noise. It kind of sounds like R2D2 hijacked my car! It also started making a scraping like sound from the back wheel. I thought I was dragging something under my car, but there was nothing there when I checked. When I started it again later, there was a squeak when I backed up that was either underneath or the rear right wheel side. The sounds only occur when the car is moving. Any ideas?

How many miles on the car? I’m wondering if you’re hearing an audible brake wear indicator. Do you have disc or drum brakes in the rear? These come both ways.

I must admit that I know very little when it comes to cars and I’m not sure what type of brakes I have. I did some reading online and it does sound like it might be an audible brake wear indicator. It would explain both strange noises. I am going to get it to my mechanic in the morning. Thanks for your input!

I’d had a chirping sound from the dash area caused by leaves in the vents. A problematic fan motor/cage can make this sound too. The rear scraping sound seems likely to be coming from the brakes, or less likely a bad wheel bearing. A mechanics inspection would quickly prove/disprove.