Car noises!


Pepboys gave me a free estimate for the check engine light and they said i needed an oxygen sensor and also there is an evac leak… they have to run a diagnostic, but i am guessing this might be caused by the charcoal canister. the diagnostic costs $100 and i am broke so cant do this now.

they did say however, that these issues wouldnt cause noise in the car that i reported.

it sounds like there i am crashing into something or as if there is something falling in the trunk, almost like a clunking noise… but i have no idea what it is… there is also a rattling noise that occurs when i drive

there is resitence when i accelerate and it goes slow then suddenly goes a little bit faster, then slower…

and lastly there is also there is a scraping screaching sqeeling noise when breaking or also when i turn

can anyone help me with what might be causing these noises? i am hoping its not the catylic convertor!


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