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97 Nissan Centra check engine light

My 97 Nissan Centra check engine light is on. It was on before until the mechanic reset it. He said it wasn’t too serious something to do with a sensor. He mentioned that it might turn on again and not to worry. But that was a month ago and it’s back on. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are:

  1. Post the code(s) here, if you know them, otherwise buy an inexpensive code reader/scan tool, or go to an auto parts store to have the codes read for free.
  2. Is your car running fine, other than the check engine light being illuminated?
  3. Do you have to pass an emissions test anytime soon? If not, and if the car runs fine, many people choose to ignore the light and save their money. I can’t say I blame them, especially on an old car with a lot of miles.

My car seems to be running fine. I do have this scrubbing when I break. But the guy said my breaks are like new. Just have rust on them. ( The car has been sitting for a year or so.) I do need to get my front end realigned. My belt squeaks when I do sharp turns. Like backing out. On my way home tonight it kinda seemed like I was hearing squeaking while pressing on the gas.

Replace the belt.

Who knows, it might take care of your engine code also, but don’t hold your breath.