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Noise from a used rim

Hi, I just got my driver side back rim replaced with a used one. I heard there is big noise coming from that side when the speed is over 55. I don’t know if the rim size is fitting my car or not. Could a wrong size rim causing the noise?



If its too small it could scrape on the caliper, but you should hear that at any speed.

If you could tell us what the noise actually sounds like we could probably help you further. .

I think it sounds like a training is passing by, or a big chunk of water pass through a small channel if I describe it right.

Does it do it at slow speeds (walking speed) and or high speed?

I only hear it when the speed is over 55 or 60.

Whatever this turns out to be, get it towed to a lift and diagnosed pronto. If your rim is the incorrect size and/or offset it could be rubbing on something…like a brakeline. Do not drive this vehicle until you find out what’s causing the noise. If the bolt pattern is incorredct you just may lose a wheel.

Thanks. will do