Noise from passenger rear wheel

I recently started hearing a noise coming from the passenger side rear wheel that starts at around 20 mph and goes away at around 40 mph. It sounds like like a playing card in spokes.

Then either you or you or your mechanic need to inspect the right rear brake, wheel bearing, tire, suspension and bodywork carefully on your car. Then do the same on the left because noises can fool you.

Rotate the tires to the front to see if the noise moves. If it does, it is a tire.


Most likely a bad wheel bearing. Check for play on both wheels just in case.

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That’s what I was thinking, but was hoping for something a bit simpler. I hear the noise at around 20 mph and it goes away at around 40 mph.

Thank you very much for answering!

Thank you Mustangman, I guess that’s my best option. I’ve had others telling me wheel bearing.

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The noise may not be going away at 40, it’s just being drowned out by road noise. Wheel bearing is my guess.

My guess would be wheel bearing, too, but your description just doesn’t quite fit. If you don’t find anything else, it is probably a wheel bearing.

Thanks again Mustangman, it was actually all due to low tire pressure.

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How low was it?
If it was very low, it is entirely possible that the cords underlying the sidewalls of the tire were damaged.

Does your vehicle have a TPMS?
If it does, is it working?
When did you last check your tire pressure with a hand-held gauge?

I actually just purchased the car on the 14th of this month.

So, now you know the importance of checking the tire pressure with a hand-held gauge on a regular basis–even if you have TPMS. Does your car have TPMS?

Yes, but the light didn’t light when I had the issue. I apparently have a slow leak on that tire because it’s low again and this time the TPMS light is on. Not sure why it didn’t come on the first time.

If the pressure was low by 5 psi or more, it should have come on.
How old is the car?
How old are the tires?
Do you know if the TPMS units were ever replaced? I ask because those batteries tend to last for only ~7 years.