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Noise around tire in cold weather

For over a year now I hear a noise around my driver side front tire. It is much more pronouced on very cold days, 20 degrees F or below. It happens as I accelerate and the frequency increases with the speed. It isn’t loud enough to call a thumping, but you can hear it from inside the car if the radio is off. At the car warms up, it is much quieter, if I can hear it at all. When it is warm outside, sometimes when I am making a sharper turn than normal I will hear a clunking as well, just as I would if I were going over a hole in the road.

I’ve had one mechanic drive it, but of course, it didn’t make the noise for him (it wasn’t even cool outside as it was summer), and he thought of doing something with some bushings, but he didn’t see any problems at all, so it was a guess.

I’m obviously concerned as I don’t want the wheel to fall off! Thanks for your help!

Just to eliminate a few things, I would suggest rotating your tyres. If the noise does not move, you will know it is not the wheel or tyre.